If you’re anything like me, you were thrilled when Beachbody announced it’s new On Demand feature for it’s Club Members. The idea of having access to all of my Beachbody workout programs, booklets, and other guides anytime, anywhere, offered a sense of relief – it meant I no longer needed to worry about bringing along the right DVD if I traveled or whether or not a DVD got scratched or lost. All I had to do was turn on my laptop, tablet, or phone, log in to Beachbody on Demand, and voila! Instant access to all my programs and I’m working out in minutes!

But there was one caveat – while all of the older programs are included in On Demand, the newer programs, like PIYO, T25, Body Beast, Insanity Max:30, CIZE, and Hammer & Chisel (just to name a few), required that in order to have online access, you still had to purchase the full DVD program. Interestingly, I recently purchased Hammer & Chisel and thought to myself, “You know, I wish they would just let me buy a digital only copy. I’ll probably never even use the DVD’s.”

Well guess what? Beachbody is now making that a reality! Recently they announced that Beachbody On Demand premium paid club members can take advantage of huge savings by unlocking digital-only version of T25, Body Beast and CIZE programs directly on BOD! WooHoo!!!

This is exciting because it also means that you will get to save money when ordering – about 50% off regular retail prices!  (and yes, your Club and Coach discounts still apply!) You can start using the program as soon as the order is processed and the content unlocked on your account. BOOM!


What is Beachbody On Demand Digital Unlock?

For a limited time, Beachbody On Demand subscribers can unlock a full Purchased Program without ordering the DVD kit. When an On Demand subscriber pays to unlock a Beachbody Purchased Program, they get unlimited access to stream it under Purchased Programs as long as they are a paid Premium Team Beachbody member. Digital Unlocks allow members to gain access to base kit workouts, deluxe upgrade workouts, or a base & deluxe bundle packages. In addition, they will receive access to the online downloads of the nutritional program guides and workout calendars. No shipping costs or waiting for delivery. Equipment is sold separately.

How does Digital Unlock work?

To unlock a Purchased Program, follow these steps:
Step 1 Log into Beachbody On Demand
Step 2 Locate and click the program (Body Beast, Cize, or T25) that is currently not available in Purchased Programs under Premium Content.
Step 3 Click “Unlock Now” on the program page.
Step 4 Follow the purchase process to complete the Digital Unlock.
Step 5 Once purchase is complete, the program will be immediately available under Purchased Programs.

Note: Digital Unlock is only available for purchase through Beachbody on Demand when using a PC or Mac. It will not be available through Apple TV, Roku or any other platform at launch.

Kit Details (USD) TV    PV     DVD Kit Retail    Digital Unlock Retail   Digital Unlock Club Members Digital Unlock Coach 
Body Beast (Base Kit) 15 15 $39.90 $19.95* $17.96 $14.96
Body Beast (Tempo Workouts) 11 11 $29.95 $14.95 * $13.46 $11.21
Body Beast (Base + Deluxe Bundle) 26 26 $69.85 $34.90* $31.41 $26.18
Cize (Base Kit) 22 22 $59.85 $29.95 * $26.96 $22.46
Cize (Weight Loss Series) 11 11 $29.85 $14.95 * $13.46 $11.21
Cize (Base + Deluxe Bundle) 34 34 $89.70 $44.90 * $40.41 $33.68
Focus: T25 (Base Kit) 45 45 $119.85 $59.95 * $53.96 $44.96
Focus: T25 (Gamma) 22 22 $59.85 $29.95 * $26.96 $22.46
Focus: T25 (Base + Deluxe Bundle) 67 67 $179.70 $89.90 * $80.91 $67.43


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